Changes to Terms and Conditions

Updated on July 28, 2018

Market is a service that allows you to quickly and easily find relevant information about companies and services in Mozambique market and provides a summary description of the services or products that companies have, focusing on what distinguishes them.
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Market collects, edits and publishes information about companies published in newspapers, magazines and websites. This information is treated in a standardized manner to follow market's publication standards. All information provided by the sources of the ads is formatted and complemented by our content team and published free of charge.

Market has no direct or indirect responsibility for the information of companies, whose truth and good faith is unknown. Likewise, Market has no liability for any formal or informal relationships that may be established based on the information disclosed.

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Ownership of content

The logos and brands of the institutions present in Market are protected by copyright of the respective entities and used for description and identification.

Free of charge

The use of Market is free for its users.


The publication of any information on this website is subject to a review and correction of texts by the content team, which may result in changes and omissions in the text. market reserves the right to make such changes, corrections or omissions.

Suspension or Interruption

Market reserves the right, according to its criteria, at any time and without the need for prior notice, as well as without any responsibility for any losses, interrupting, suspending or even ending Market.


Market has taken steps to guarantee the timeliness, availability, accuracy and integrity of the information contained in the portal 'as is'. market does not offer any guarantee or assumes any responsibility for the content expressed or implied on the site. We do not provide any warranty or assume any responsibility for the quality, accuracy, functionality, availability or performance of Market, and we reserve the right to suspend, modify or cease the service provided without prior notice, and without incurring any liability to its users.

Changes to Terms and Conditions

Market reserves the right to modify its Terms and Conditions at any time and without prior notice. The changes will be presented on this page, with an indication of the date.

Privacy Policy

Updated on July 28, 2018

The privacy of market visitors is very important to us. Our Privacy Policy informs users of how Market collects and saves the information generated through their use of the website.


Market, through the Google Analytics service, collects demographic, behavioural and technological information from the users of our service. The information contained in the records includes your ISP (Internet Service Provider), your IP address (Internet Protocol), the browser that is used when visiting our website, the time of your visit and what pages you visited within our website.

This information is anonymous and private and serves to monitor the performance of the site. Market reserves the right to use this information at its discretion, as long as this use does not infringe the privacy of users of this service.


Market database, which comprises all the information added by our content management team, is protected by the highest standards of computer security; however, Market is not responsible, nor can it be held accountable for the theft or misuse of this information by third parties.